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9 Best E-commerce Marketing Tools You Must Know About In 2019 and beyond

Ecommerce is more competitive than ever in 2019 and growing exponentially as a proportion of global sales.

With platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce and even Magento, setting up an online store in this day and age is easier than ever.

However, with growth comes sophistication, and this has led to some brilliant software development that assists businesses in selling online.

In this article, we’ll analyse the best E-commerce Marketing Tools to help scale your business.

1: OptinMonster

Roughly 99% of visitors don’t buy the first time they visit your website. 95-97% won’t leave an email address either.

For some industries, the conversion rate is even lower than 3%.

OptinMonster provides an effective way to rescue abandoning visitors with powerful user-based pop-ups triggered by customer behavior.

Their signature exit-intent software, in particular, is an invaluable tool for E-commerce businesses. It is able to effectively track intent to leave your website and provide the prospect with a last-ditch offer to capture their data (usually email) so you can kickstart the remarketing process.

And, we know that statistically speaking, Email remains one of the most effective methods of selling to customers online.

Price: The Basic plan starts at $12 per month when billed annually while the Pro plan – which offers the Exit-Intent Software – comes in at $39 per month when billed annually. Agencies looking to scale and whitelabel the software can get their hands on Optin Monster for as little as $59 per month when billed annually.

Best Used By: Any online business that needs to generate leads.

Main functionality: Lead generation.

Integrations: Optin Monster integrates with all the major Email Service Providers and has custom plugins for content management systems such as WordPress.

USP: Its signature Exit-Intent software.

2: Inbassador

Influencer marketing isn’t dying, it’s evolving to brand ambassadorship.

Your followers want to see authenticity and have a strong filter for paid partnerships. So why not turn your customers and employees into ambassadors instead?

Inbassador allows you to do exactly that.  You can now simply build an ambassador program page and invite your followers to apply. Inbassador will enrich the data of your applicants and will show you how many followers each of them has, their engagement rate on social media and even determine whether or not they are a good fit to your brand!

Price: Starts at 29$ for the recruitment solution.

Best Used By: Retail companies that are looking to explore a new marketing channel.

Main functionality: Inbassador has 2 products: Recruit,and Manage and therefore can help a brand recruit brand ambassadors, and manage & track their activities on the web.

Integrations: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google Analytics and much more.

USP: Its easy ambassador program setup and tracking capabilities

3: Dynamic Yield

Marketers need to constantly split-test ideas across E-commerce stores in order to find effective solutions that resonate with their customers and drive sales.

Unfortunately, this is often an extremely time-consuming and exhausting task that requires a lot of resources.

By leveraging intuitive AI-based software and predictive algorithms, however, Dynamic Yields aims to provide a solution to this problem.

Dynamic Yields simplifies the need for experimentation by collecting data from customers, analysing it and then using it to tailor their experience more effectively across your platform.

Price: Dynamic Yield provides users with a walkthrough demo before giving a custom quotation based on your businesses needs.

Best Used By: Advanced e-commerce stores and complex websites who can benefit the most large-scale data analysis & personalisation software.

Main functionality: Personalisation.

Integrations: Major e-commerce platforms such as Magento & Shopify, as well as EMS such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo & SendGrid.

USP: Its AI-powdered personalisation engine.

4: Active Campaign

There is a lot of fantastic marketing automation software available online that makes a decision which one to invest in a challenge. Active Campaign, however, remains a standout provider.

Incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, Active Campaign is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses getting to grips with marketing automation that goes beyond basic email campaigns.

The ability to send pre-purchase and post-purchase email sequences, as well as cart abandonment sequences is an excellent method to increase your revenue and capitalise on remarketing opportunities.

With Lead Scoring and segmentation options also available, the platform gives users the option to scale up their level of marketing sophistication with many enticing features.

Price: The Lite plan is $9 per month and features unlimited email messages. From there, price rise steeply with features coinciding with the jump. Plus is $49 per month, Professional $129, and Enterprise comes in at $229. It should be noted that these quotations are based upon you having less than 500 contacts; anything higher gradually increases the price of each program.

Best Used By: Small businesses looking for more advanced features than the basic EMP without being overwhelmed by technical features.

Main functionality: Email

Integrations: ActiveCampaign seamlessly integrates with all the major e-commerce platforms & content management systems. It’s an excellent synergist with Optin Monster (tool #1) on the list.

USP: Its inbuilt CRM-tool which makes it perfect for small businesses looking to get the most bang-for-their-buck.

5: Zendesk Chat

Live chat features are an incredibly important tool for any E-commerce site to have.

Zendesk Chat provides your customers with triggers if they don’t know where to go, as well as the ability to message you directly for support.

The software integrates effectively with most E-commerce platforms and it can be managed natively by the customer support team to follow up on potential sales.

Price: pricing varies dramatically on Zendesk depending on how many agents you have handling the customer support side of your business and how many integrations you need to manage each channel. Generally speaking, their Essential plan starts at $5 per month, whilst unlimited team members can join for up to $149 per month on the Elite plan.

Best Used By: Businesses involved in complex omnichannel marketing in need of managing customers from one roof.

Main functionality: Customer Support system.

Integrations: ZenDesk has innumerable integrations, but it’s strongest integrations are with the popular social channels.

USP: Customer support at scale.

6: Unbounce

If you’re running PPC Ads (likely), then you’ll be in the business of creating landing pages.

Unbounce offers beautiful templates and customization to web designers, as well as split-testing capabilities to maximise conversions.

Landing pages can significantly increase your conversion rates and reduce your marketing costs, two metrics every E-commerce store needs to be continuously improving.

And here is one of our favorite videos (created by the Unbounce team):

Price: For $79 per month, Unbounce allows you to create up to 75 landing pages and use 8 variations of pop-ups & sticky bars. Prices rise steeply after for the Premium & Enterprise levels, coming in at $159 per month & $399 per month when billed annualy, and including many more features and even a dedicated support manager on the Enterprise plan.

Best Used By: People using paid ad strategy on Facebook & Google looking to optimise lead generation & conversions.

Main functionality: Drag-and-drop landing page builder.

Integrations: Unbounce is compatible with a lot of integrations but ultimately, a Zapier account may be required to connect it to your ESP.

USP: Landing pages that are easy to construct and convert.


According to a recent Omnisend study, marketers who use three or more channels in a campaign can expect a 250% higher purchase rate than marketers using only one channel.

With Omnisend, you can add several channels into the same automation workflow. With email marketing automation at its core, Omnisend allows you to integrate SMS, Facebook Messenger, push notifications, WhatsApp, Viber and many more.

Omnisend allows ecommerce marketers to create omnichannel campaigns, build subscriber lists, and foster long lasting relationships with your customers. Smart segmentation allows for precise targeting, and their robust automation means a customer will never slip through the cracks.

For those who want to make their email marketing campaigns that more effective with an omnichannel strategy, Omnisend is the perfect tool to get started.

Price: Standard plan $16 per month, PRO plan $199per month.

Best Used By: ecommerce business.

Main functionality: Omnichannel communication (email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Web push notifications), marketing automation workflows, contact forms, )

Integrations: Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Smile,io, Loyaltylion, Yotpo

USP: Omnisend has advanced automation workflows, omnichannel features.

8: Contactout

You’re about to know why is finding email address can be a struggle if we don’t have any email tool finder that could help us in determining one. And if you’re wondering why using emails is more convenient than the other means of communication here’s the reason why:

By virtue of something, Rob Liu created from the year 2015 up until now to ease the struggle of a person on finding an email address. is an email tool finder where you can easily find both personal and working emails. Email addresses are important on online business for it’s a way we can communicate to our talents or customers as we say. Email address is a way to have faster communication and can be done anywhere as long as we have an internet connection. Even though we can contact via phone or SMS, email is still the best option for communication. have been used by the western world wherein fact 75% of the emails are able to be found by our AI engine. Our email tool finder is a way more superior to the next for it gets the accurate emails and phone number of our talents.

By using the email address as a form of communication, it signifies that we’re serious about our business that we are going to offer.

Price: Their Pricing is set on bulk ( the higher the credits to purchase the lesser the price ) they also have a free trial for newly user, enjoy 50 credits default every 2 days for 2 weeks.

Best Used By: E-commerce companies who are looking for contacts either for partnerships or vendors

Main functionality: Finding any email address

Integrations: None

USP: Find anyone’s personal email & phone number

9:Magnet Monster

Not so much a tool as such, but more of a shameless plug for my own company’s service.

We create and implement personalised content marketing strategies that automate your lead generation efforts & enhance overall sales. We combine this with powerful software solutions that deliver the content on autopilot, freeing up your time while seamlessly moving customers through the sales cycle and turning them into brand advocates.

Since every business needs a steady supply of new customers and remarketing automation to increase sales, we’d like to simplify this process for you on autopilot. Click here to contact us for a free consultation 🙂

Price: For as little as £900, your company will get a personalised Lead Magnet & Strategy from our team, and for just £1100, we’ll combine it with lead generation software that rescues abandoning visitors from your website.

Email marketing packages start as low as £325 per month, and premium automations (welcome series, cart abadonment, post-purchase) are priced at a one-off cost of £400 for custom content.

Best Used By: Businesses looking to optimise their websites for lead generation and automate the remarketing of their business with personalised content. In particular, e-commerce businesses can skyrocket revenue with Magnet Monster.

Main functionality: Our ability to combine personalised content with effective software to seamlessly move prospects through your sales cycle, allowing you to relax and focus on other areas of your business with a reliable form of lead generation & revenue.

Integrations: Magnet Monster can integrate their strategy and content with any 3rd-party software.


Turning your website traffic into sales.


With customers demanding convenience in their lives more than ever, E-commerce will continue to grow over the next decade substantially year-on-year.

Being equipped with the best tools and software allows you to stay ahead of the competition and provide superior service to your existing and potential customers.

Adam Kitchen

About the Author: Adam has over a decade of experience in digital marketing for e-commerce, working alongside some of the world’s biggest nutraceutical and wellness brands. A copywriter by trade, Adam is the co-founder of Magnet Monster, an online agency specialising in lead generation & email remarketing. He oversees all the content created through Magnet Monster and advises customers on how to maximise conversions across their website by optimising their customer journeys.


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