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9 Best Cold Email Software in 2020 and Beyond (Full Review)

Companies spend thousands of dollars on email marketing and social media posting to increase their sales and keep existing customers coming back.

However, when it comes to the acquisition of new customers, cold emailing is still out there among the top best acquisition channels for both retail and tech companies.

An efficient cold emailing campaign can drive growth and have an amazing ROI.

So, what is Cold Emailing?

Cold emailing is an unsolicited email sent to a receiver without prior contact. Usually, companies use it to get in touch with people who could be potentially interested in their products or services.

Cold emails are not necessarily considered as spam. As companies who are doing it right target specific audiences that are genuinely interested in what they have to offer. The key to cold emailing is to target the right audience and truly provide value with your email content.

When a company or an individual decides to bombard an audience with irrelevant and unwanted content, this practice is called spamming.

Essentially, cold emailing works as an advertisement that a receiver can opt-out from any time so they don’t receive similar emails in the future. Cold emailing can be a repetitive work as marketers will have to do endless copying and pasting. That’s where a cold email software will come in handy.

The 9 Best Cold Email Software


MailShake is one of a few software that allow you to send cold emails from your Gmail account. Besides Gmail, you can also integrate this software with other popular tools like Zapier, Pipedrive, Google Sheets, and Hubspot CRM. 

With MailShake, you can do A/B tests, track link activity in the emails you send, and track conversions. They feature amazing email templates separated into categories depending on your goals, i.e., sales email, link building, or PR email.

MailShake is used by popular online magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, and HubSpot. You can try their apps for Android and iOS.


– A/B testing

– Drip Campaigns

– Pre-made Email Templates

– Event Trigger for Emails

– Mobile-Optimized Emails

– WYSIWYG Email Editor


– It Counts “Out-of-Office” Emails as a Lead


Basic – $29/month

Pro- $49/month

Omni – $99/month (30-day Money-Back Guarantee)


Take your sales outreach to a whole new level with Reply. With this dashboard, you can set up an email campaign with follow-ups, and then do split tests to improve your conversion rate.

One of the best things about Reply is its powerful reporting system. This system shows you all the data and indicators for your email campaigns, including delivery, open rates, link clicks, bounced emails, and more.

You can filter certain users from your queue of automated emails depending on their actions. Additionally, it lets you setup personalized email campaigns.


– A Lot of Features

– Easy Setup and User Friendly

– Powerful Automation Feature

– You can Set a Campaign and Forget About it

– Collaboration Tool for Email Marketing Teams


– High Pricing per Number of Contacts

– It’s Difficult to Organize Lists in the App

– Targeted Toward Advanced Users Who Want to Dive Into the Email Marketing World


$55/User to Contact 1,000 people per month

$70/User to Contact 3,000 people per month

$90/User to Contact 30,000 people per month


Close is a useful productivity platform for salesmen that allows you to send more emails and make calls. Additionally, all information about your leads and contacts will be stored in one place. For example, you can send an email and then call the person and tell more about your product.

You can load email templates into Close, and it will automatically fill them in with all of the right information. You can collaborate with your sales team using this software and automate numerous tasks to save time.


– Store Unlimited Leads and Contacts

– Data Import and Export

– Excellent Customer Support

– Email Auto-Tracing

– The Best Tool for Cold Calls


– Does not Allow You to Import Bulk Emails

– Expensive Price per User

– Not Worth it if You Don’t Make a Lot of Cold Calls


Basic – $65/month

Professional – $95/month

Business – $145/month


Woodpecker is the best tool for B2B companies who contact prospective clients via automated personalized emails. Woodpecker is specially designed for cold emails and follow-ups. You can send your cold emails directly from Gmail, Office 365, or Exchange accounts.

It integrates with Zapier and Salesforce. They claim to be one of the most secure software for automated campaigns. Further, it is a great choice for teams who need to collaborate, share lists of contacts, and/or blacklist domains.


– Cost Effective Tool

– You can Run Email Campaign in 5 Minutes

– Simple to Use


– More Suited for Cold Emailing, Than a Subscribers List

– No A/B Testing

– Opt Out Links are not Easy to Do


Start-up – $40 per seat/month

Team Pro – $50 per seat/month

Enterprise – Custom Pricing

5. SmartReach

If you are an advanced user and are looking for a feature-rich solution for cold emailing, SmartReach is exactly what you need. You can set a custom time for people depending on time zones so that they receive emails during the day.

Additionally, you can send personalized email, just like with any software from this list. SmartReach supports all popular email clients including Gmail, Zoho, Outlook, Mailgun, and Microsoft Exchange. You can use this software for free and send up to 100 emails per month.


– Custom Send Time for Emails

– Personalized Emails

– Supports Numerous Email Clients

– Easy-to-Use Interface


– None


Standard Plan: $24 per month/user

Ultimate Plan: $59 per month/user


LeadCooker is an alternative software to MailShake and is a feature-rich software for Gmail users. You can also sort your prospects by filters and tags. LeadCooker is a cloud-based tool, meaning you can access your data anywhere with an internet connection.

The tool allows you to see the status of every email you sent in real time. Besides, it gives you an ability to set automated follow-ups and autoresponders as a trigger to a user’s action.


– Your Emails Come Straight From Your Gmail Account

– Easy to Navigate

– Pre-Made Email Templates


– Need To Learn How the Tool Works

– Mobile Inaccessibility

– Works Only With Gmail


– Starter – $5.99/month

– Standard – $19.99/month

– Team – $39.99/month

7. Snov

With an easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Snov is another popular software designed for cold emailing. Snov allows you to automate your email campaigns and save time. You can also download the Snov extension for Google Chrome that lets you find someone’s email address on a website.

You can set triggers that will notify you when a person opens your email. Another automated action that you can set is a follow-up email if a user opens your email, but does not reply.

Finally, with the Domain Search Tool, you can find an email address that is attached to a certain domain name.


– Email Finder

– Easy-to-Use Interface

– Drip Campaigns

– Email Verifier That Validates all Email Addresses


– Does not Feature an “Unsubscribe” Link

– Does not Show the Most Used Email From Each Contact When Given Multiple Email Accounts


– Small Plan: $29 month/user

– Medium Plan: $49 month/user

– Large Plan: $79 month/user

– Extra-Large Plan: $139 month/user


With AutoKlose, you can find, target, and nurture your prospects hassle free because it automates all of your email tasks. AutoKlose comes with some amazing features, such as drip email campaigns, lead generation, and CRM integration. You can also send a large number of emails at once.

Further, you can turn your cold emails into warm communications using their follow-up option. Based on your interactions with emails, the tool sorts your contacts into warm and cold folders. You can integrate AutoKlose with different email platforms and Salesforce.


– Contact Import and Export

– Lead Database Integration

– Contact Discovery

– Minimalist Interface


– Not User-Friendly


Starter – $49.99 user/month

Small Business – $49.99 month/user

Enterprise – Custom Pricing


Outreach is an all-in-one platform that makes your sales team’s work more efficient. It is one of the most useful software for salesmen since it allows you to not only send cold emails, but to also make calls to other regions and countries.

Additionally, they have an SMS integration feature that lets you reach your potential customers via phone. It also provides you some additional info about your prospects that allows you to send more personalized emails. While Outreach offers you a wide range of features, they also have the highest cost.


– Great Chat Support

– Many Different Integrations

– Many Useful Features, Including Calls to Different Countries


– Long Wait Time for Bulk Emails

– The Integration with Gmail and Salesforce Could be Better


– You can request pricing on their Website

Cold Emailing Best Practices

Before you decide what software to use for your next campaign, we highly recommend you to watch this video by Sujan Patel the founder of Mailshake:


Email marketing is one of the most important channels for lead generation. Combine your experience with useful cold email software listed above and you’ll achieve success in your campaigns. These software allow you to make your work easier and faster. Evaluate and select the tool that suits your needs and available resources.


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