Use our Brand Ambassador recruitment platform to unlock the path to generating more revenue. Get your most loyal customers and employees to become your new brand ambassadors.

Manage & Collaborate

Manage the relationship with your brand ambassadors. Simply upload a list of ambassadors or use our recruitment widget. We enrich and create a private profile for each ambassador, so you can easily collaborate with your team.

Track & Engage

Connect your Instagram page to get a full report for each brand ambassador and your user-generated content. Discover the ROI of your efforts with the number of likes and comments your brand is driving.

Ready to deploy a new marketing and sales force?

Smart Enrichment Algorithm

A treasure trove of information about your ambassadors: blog insights, social media behavior, reach, engagement rate, and authenticity score. Better data equals better recruitment decisions. Unlock a world of authentic and highly performing brand ambassadors.

Powerful Reporting

Discover the ROI of your ambassador marketing strategy by individual and aggregated ambassador analytics.
The number of likes, comments, and brand mentions are all a click away.

Relationship Driven Solution

Keeping your brand ambassadors engaged is hard. With our built-in communication tool, you can now easily manage the relationship. Track, reward, and rate their content quality, responsiveness, and overall performance.