Intelligent brand ambassador solution made easy

Acquire new customers

Use our ambassador solution to identify your influential customers and employees and easily incentivize them to get new clients and generate sales.

Engage and retain your ambassadors

Meet your objectives by working with your true fans. See how your ambassadors can boost your product launches, promotional activities and user-generated content.

Track the activities of your ambassadors

Track sales, clicks, and engagement for each ambassador. Identify the best-performing ones, and reward them with our automated in-store credit solution.  

The Inbassador formula

  • 0 Invite your customers, employees and followers to apply
  • 1 Discover social media metrics, brand affinity and authenticity for your applicants
  • 2 Screen & select your best Brand Ambassadors
  • 3 Drive sales and brand awareness with your Brand Ambassadors

Integrations that meet your needs

Work with your data in real time to make better decisions and optimize your ambassador marketing strategy.

Start generating sales with ambassador marketing

Join a community of marketers that drive more sales

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